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In every sales cycle there are critical points-of-impact where SFA software can dramatically influence your effectiveness in closing sales.

  • Are you prepared to consistently move your sale toward a close?
  • Are you aligning with the exact needs of your prospect?
  • Are you using your unique strengths to create differentiation and value?

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SFAS is the largest and fastest growing software consulting company and online guide to the Sales Force Automation Software.  We work closely with our clients to increase sales and profits through the effective implementation of customer contact strategies and the automation of sales support processes.

We provide clients with a complete solution.  The comprehensive combination of customized management consulting services, software and IT Integration services produces high-impact, satisfying results for our clients.  


Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Inability to keep track of leads, that results in lost opportunities
  • Inability to improve the opportunity management and forecasting process
  • Inability to identify and focus on the most profitable opportunities
  • The need to share best practices and jump start new recruits
  • Inability to enhance the productivity of the sales force

…We can help… Are you ready to find out more?  
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  Needs Analysis

    What are your business and technical
          performance targets?
    How will SFA help improve your business?
    How will it enhance the relationship
         between your company and your
    How can you measure satisfaction of your
         organization, workgroups and customers?

Our needs analysis and competitive analysis will reveal specific strategies to help improve your standing in your market space.

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